Aron Lagaris
Biographical InformationEdit

17 (at the time of death)

House Lagaris, Kingdom of AuranosEdit
Falling Kingdoms (Appears)Edit
Family InformationEdit
Sebastian Lagaris - father, {An unnamed mother} - biological mother, Lady Lagaris - adoptive mother, Cleiona Bellos - betrothedEdit

Lord Aron Lagaris was a legitimised bastard of Sebastian Lagaris and an unnamed maid. Since Lady Lagaris was believed to be infertile and unable to have any other children, the marriage legitimised Aron. His biological mother died a few months later in mysterious circumstances.

He was betrothed to Princess Cleiona Bellos of the (former) Kingdom of Auranos, until his untimely death. He was killed by Prince Magnus Damora, son of King Gaius, for carrying out the order that killed Queen Althea, Magnus' "mother".

He was a known alcoholic, usually found drunk and with a ready flask of Paelsian wine at his side.