Lucia Damora
Biographical InformationEdit
Princess of LimerosEdit
House Damora (adopted), Kingdom of LimerosEdit
Falling Kingdoms (POV)Edit
Family InformationEdit
{Unnamed mother}, Gaius Damora - adoptive father, Althea Damora - adoptive mother, Magnus Damora - adoptive brother, {Tobias Argynos } - adoptive half brother, {Davidus Damora } - adoptive paternal grandfatherEdit

Princess Lucia Eva Damora is the adoptive daughter of Gaius and Althea Damora and the younger sister of Prince Magnus. She is a sorceress, prophecied to receive power over the four elements.

Appearance and CharacterEdit

Lucia is an attractive, beautiful girl with pale, flawless skin, long, black hair falling until her waist and vivid blue eyes. She is kind and gentle, yet she is willfull, brave and loyal to her loved ones. Lucia particularly likes books.


Before Lucia was born, Jana , a with a unique talent of fortunetelling had seen signs in the stars that soon a child would be born - a child who would've eventually become one of the world's most powerful sorceresses, with the power over all four elements. While still a baby, Sabina and Jana had broke into Lucia's former home and killed her biological mother, who tried to protect her.

Jana , the younger witch, wasn't as ruthless as Sabina , and had wished to raise the girl along with her sister. Sabina, however, had different plans concerning Lucia's future and murdured Jana . Arriving at Limeros, Sabina told King Gaius about Lucia's destiny. Gaius , keen to use the girl's powers in the future, decided to adopt her as his own daughter, since Queen Althea couldn't have anymore children after prince Magnus.