Sabina Mallius
Biographical InformationEdit
Late thirties (presumably)Edit
Gaius Damora , Kingdom of Limeros, House MalliusEdit
Falling Kingdoms (appears)Edit
Family InformationEdit
Gaius Damora - paramour, {Jana } - younger sister, {Lord Mallius} - husbandEdit

Lady Sabina Mallius was King Gaius's paramour, wife of the deceased Lord Mallius and the elder sister of Jana . Sixteen years prior to the book's events, the sisters kidnapped Lucia . In order for Sabina to fullfill her plans, she murdured her Jana and went to Limeros, where Gaius and Althea adopted the child.

Appearance and CharacterEdit

Sabina was described as an attractive woman with long, black hair, amber eyes and a slender figure. Although she must be at least in her thirties, according to Magnus she hasn't changed much since his childhood.