Tobias Argynos
Biographical InformationEdit
20 (at the time of death)Edit
King's Personal AssistantEdit
House Damora, Kingdom of LimerosEdit
Falling Kingdoms (Appears)Edit
Family InformationEdit
Gaius Damora - father, Unnamed mother, Magnus Damora - half brother, Lucia Damora - half sisterEdit

Tobias Argynos is the deceased bastard son of King Gaius Damora and his Auranosi paramour, born over twenty years ago before Magnus and Lucia. He has been eventually killed by his father as a sacrifice for Hugo Basilius, in sake of the alliance of Limeros and Paelsia.

Appearance and CharacterEdit

Tobias is said to resemble his younger half brother, Magnus, a lot. Both boys had dark hair, lean and tall silhouettes, and brown eyes after their shared father. Tobias, however, had more delicate features.